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View the latest post Server Changelog (Alpha 170507)

Today we're bring some Shaman changes to Draconis. The goal is to make them less of a buff bot and more usefulto fill a crucial role in any group. These changes are our first pass at making them a bit more unique and enjoyable to play.
Make sure you download the updated custom files from our Updates section. You will need the spell file to play a Shaman on Draconis.

Shaman Changes
  • Charisma spells removed due to not being necessary.
  • Unity Line - Added at early levels to aid with buffing and reduce re-cast buffage. The following spells are all single target and apply buffs for the level range.
    • Unity of the Initiate (10)
    • Unity of the Apprentice (22)
    • Unity of the Neophyte (33)
    • Unity of the Journeyman (50)
  • Protection of the Bear Line - Replaces “Form of the Bear” line, granting you a great resistance to defense and spell-casting prevention.
    • Protection of the Bear (25) - The Bear Spirit grants you its protection for a short period of time, protecting you from spells and physical stun effects, while also granting you increased melee resistance.
    • Protection of the Great Bear (55) - The Bear Spirit grants you its protection for a short period of time, additionally granting a minor protection for your party,
  • Shaman Heal Over Time Spells now stack with Cleric’s and have had their debuffs removed so that a Shaman and Cleric can work together in the same party.
    • Stoicism (44) - Melee Slow and Movement Speed reduction have been removed.
    • Torpor (60) - Melee Slow and Movement Speed reduction have been removed.
  • Avatar Line - Updated to increase stat caps of the targeted character as well. This should give more weight to the Avatar line as well as providing a good boost to the character. To note, stats are capped at 255 before AA.
    • Primal Avatar has been removed due to duplication of Avatar.
    • Avatar no longer requires reagents to cast.

  • Druid and Shaman 75% heals were increased to heal much larger amounts and not capping at 30% of level 60 tanks HP. Cast timers also reduced slightly.
  • Incarnate Anew (59) - Added to Druids and Shamans - they can now rez again! Warrior’s Rage Barrier ID was incorrectly placed, so you will need to visit Keeper of Origin to get the ability with the right ID.
  • HoTT - All characters should now have Health of Target’s Target (HoTT) Leader AA. All newly created characters should also get it upon creation.
  • Mud Shield - Reduced to level 5 for all priest and caster classes. Paladins receive it at level 15.

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View the latest post Server Changelog (Alpha 170505)

Small update today following on from our "Developer's Letter" for April 2017. Give us your thoughts and feedback on some of the changes and make sure you start uploading NPC and Item images (of your characters wearing them), as we want to get this fleshed out as soon as possible :)

Bug Fixes
  • Removed popup message every time you enter Thundercrest. It should only appear when you connect to the world
  • Shadowknight Procs - Scream of Death (37) and Mental Corruption (52) have had their procs fixed to reflect the right skills.

  • Overhauling the AllaClone is no small feat. It’s 4 years old and a lot has changed in that time. We’ve gone through and made some changes to the spell and NPC pages. We’ve added some extra visualisations and also improved the overall data display - No more “Increase Invisibility by 1” messages. There’s still a long way to go, but here’s a start:
    • Spells - Fixes to spell information displayed. This will continue to be fixed as discrepancies appear.
      • Recourse Effects displayed
      • Fixes for DoT indication
      • Multiple regeneration stats fixed
      • Some spell effects had poorly written information. Changed to match real Allakhazam

    • NPCs - Updates to the NPC page to make it cleaner and more visually appealing.
      • NPC Images - Added for most of Echo, if you have an image of a named or NPC that is missing, submit it on our forums in JPG format.
      • Spell list styling fixed and now includes spell icons.
      • Lootdrop list fixed; Added icons and hover tooltips to see stats.
      • Merchant list fixed; Added icons and hover tooltips to see stats.

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View the latest post April 2017 Update

It's been a while since we've put the server back online and it's had good traction. I wanted to take a few minutes and speak about what's happened, what we're doing, and where we're going with Draconis.

What's Happened

  • Server stats
    • 400+ accounts registered.
    • 500+ characters created.
    • 64 players online at peak.
  • Developer stats
    • 1,327 lines of quest code written
    • 6,000+ modifications to the database, be it new spells and abilities, items, npcs, spawns or zone changes
    • Stability improvements have gone from a few hours uptime to 3 days and ongoing. The server is in Alpha development so this is definitely a great start.
  • Player stats
    • Lanheo was the first player since Alpha re-launch to hit level 60. April 21st at 3.45pm GMT.
    • Thunderous Beast had died over 100 times.
    • Razor, the Corrupted Champion of Marr was first defeated on April 20th by Tondod and crew.
  • Releases
    • 6 Classes have been rebalanced and new skills added: Ranger, Rogue, Warrior, Druid, Beastlord, Monk
    • Stances were added for Tank classes to give them some flexibility
    • Merchants have received multiple changes including potions, poisons, arrows, shurikens and price fixes
    • Balancing, balancing, balancing!

We've had a blast seeing people exploring the content and we're excited to bring you more. We are currently a team of 2 working on the server and its content in our spare time. We both work full-time so we're doing our best to ensure we can keep delivering new and interesting updates to you guys.

What's Being Worked On

With all those changes, it's probably difficult to believe that there's other things in the pipeline. Well, you'd be wrong! We're working on finishing our next content patch and we're 6-8 weeks or so away from debuting it to Alpha players!
We're really excited to get this content finished and release, and I think I'd be doing some injustice if I didn't hint at some of the things we're bringing in the not-so-distant future:

  • 2 Group Zones including 1 Instance
  • Tier 1 Raid Zone
  • Relic Weapons (aka Epics)
  • Groupable content with rewards being similar to Echo
  • Faction merchants tied to group and raid content
  • Expanded Daily Quests
  • Tradeskill Recipes

We're looking to release all of it in one chunk to slow down the consumption, give you guys some variety and have a thematic fit. There'll be more information in the coming weeks to discuss what we're bringing and perhaps get some feedback on some of the ideology we have here.

Where We're Going

I've had a number of questions over the past few weeks asking where we're going, what we're adding, or just suggestions in general. I take note of everything that is suggested to us so that we have reference to it and we are always open to your feedback and ideas.
Currently, we want to get the new content patch finished and released. The goal with this patch is to "exit" Alpha and finally split development up so that we're not actively pushing changes to a live server. We want to get to a point where the server is considered "released" and we can work solely on content creation and not worry (as much) about bugs and fixes.

We're pumped for the future and hope you are, too. We want to give you guys a great experience inside EQEmu without it being "another clone". Please post any suggestions you have on our forums.

See you in game!

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View the latest post Server Changelog (Alpha 170502)

Beastlords are the talk of today's update. Beastlords were already in a good place, but we've added a few things to give them a bit more "oomph".
Make sure you download the updated custom files from our Updates section. You will need the spell file to play a Beastlord on Draconis.

Class Changes
  • Ferocity Increase - Beastlord’s are already in a pretty good place on Draconis. They already have a bunch of versatility, but that does mean that they’re not strong at anything in particular. We wanted to give the DPS a bit of a boost on our first sweep and allow them to be a worthwhile choice in a melee-centric group.
  • Ferocity Line
    • Rapidity (40) - New, lower level buff that increases the attack power, resistances and endurance regeneration of your group for 15 minutes.
    • Savagery (60) - Updated! Continuing the trend, this buff ahs been improved to increase the attack power, resistances and endurance regeneration of the group.
  • Attacks
    • Rip (25) - Flurry attacks on your opponent with a hand to hand attack dealing moderate damage.
  • Buffs
    • Inner Ferocity I (50) - Unleashes your ferocity, transforming you into a werewolf, granting a 50% double attack boost, minimum damage increase to all skills and allowing you a high-chance to trigger a lifetap.

Bug fixes
  • Druid spell “Nature’s Renewal” had it’s ranged fixed.
  • Experience Buffs - All experience buffs including Lesson of the Devoted should now persist through death.
  • Death - Upon dieing after level 30, you will receive a Revival debuff. This was lost during the server transition. Death should, once again, be avoided!
  • Stability - Stability of zones has been a hot topic recently for us. We’ve noticed a few crashes and seem to have eliminated most of them which were generally being caused by buggy scripts.
    • A note to those using MQ2: Please disable any modules which trigger Pickpocket. There is an issue where this has the possibility of crashing the client and potentially losing their items.

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View the latest post Server Changelog (Alpha 170429)

Today we're releasing the Monk update on Realm of Draconis. We're taking Monks in a slightly different direction, enabling them with a bit more group utility. We hope you'll enjoy trying out the Monk abilities and we'd really appreciate your feedback on them.
Make sure you download the updated custom files from our Updates section. You will need the spell file to play a Monk on Draconis.

Class Changes
  • Revamped Abilities - Monks are “Jacks of all Trades”, of sorts, usually. We wanted to push them more into a role that relied on them for more than pulling and damage. On Draconis, Monks also provide group benefits that heal both health and mana, and provide short term buffs. Here’s some of the new abilities:
  • Attacks
    • Dragon Strike (20) - Moderate attack inflicting magical and physical damage.
    • Whirlwind Kick (32) - Attack enemies around you with a spinning kick.
  • Buffs
    • Wind of Force (25) - Increase the accuracy of your party, enabling them to heal off of melee attacks.
    • Ton Po’s Avoidance (30) - Increase you and your party’s chance to avoid melee attacks.
  • Healing
    • Meditate (40) - Heal your party’s health and mana.
    • Tranquil Force (40) - Cure detrimental effects from yourself.
  • You can view a list of all the Monk abilities here: http://alla.draconis.online/spells.php? ... ion=search

Pet Classes
  • Damage Buffed - All pets have had their damage buffed by a scaling % based on level.
  • Druid Pet - The Druid pet obtained at level 55 has also been buffed. The bear has been buffed and can be considered a tank pet similar to the Mage’s Earth pet.

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